Hall Vandalism


Unfortunately, the new Strathearn Community Hall has been subjected to a recent bout of vandalism; most recently two windows were smashed.  Prior to this, the skate room was broken into and graffitied, and garden hoses were destroyed.

If you witness any vandalism, please contact the Community League by email or social media as soon as possible but also contact EPS.

In an effort to deter these senseless acts, the league is working closely with the Strathearn Building Society to raise funds for cameras both inside and outside the hall.  Cameras deter and catch perpetrators. 

If you would like to help, your donation will go a long way towards protecting the hall.  Local Business Crown Automation has already offered to donate the labour necessary to install the camera system.  The cost of the hardware alone is estimated to be approximately $4000.

Please contact the Strathearn Treasurer to make a tax deductible donation.