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The new Strathearn Community Hall is a building we’ll all be able to be proud of. The hall was designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs and vision of our community. It will be a place to meet with your neighbours, enjoy activities or just admire as you walk by.

For any inquiries about the hall, please contact us at

Hall Status Update - March 2018

Although it's been quiet on the outside, plenty of work is wrapping up on the Strathearn Community Hall on the interior. Ducts, wiring, plumbing and other building services are being connected and finalized, and painting, trim and flooring are underway. Due to the cold weather and snow, work on the metal roofing and fibre cement siding has taken longer than expected. Both power and gas connections were also delayed, requiring temporary heat to be used for more time than we expected.

The contractor has been keeping a close eye on the hall budget and suggested some changes in finishing that will result in cost savings. Through the course of the project, there have been several unforeseen circumstances the building society has had to deal with, bringing us very close to our maximum budget.

Funding our new hall

Please consider giving what you can to the Strathearn Building Society to help us complete this important project for the community.  Small donations and large donations are all important as we move towards our goal.  So please do good things by giving what you are able. 

To make a tax-deductible donation to the STRATHEARN BUILDING SOCIETY:

Mail a cheque made out to the Strathearn Building Society to:

Strathearn Community League
P.O. Box 68064
162 Bonnie Doon Mall
Edmonton, AB T6C 4N6

Or contact to arrange to drop off a donation.



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