Navigating Resident Parking During Folkfest

It is August and Folkfest is happening in our neighborhood this coming weekend (Aug 8-11).

Folkfest or the Edmonton Folk Music Festival is one of the biggest outdoor music events held by our city and as exciting as it is to host a festival that draws people from around the world as both spectators and performers, it has meant that many of us, as residents of the area, deal with the inconveniences of traffic and parking during the 4-day event.

This year we have more elements that add “complications” to the parking equation: the closure of 95th Avenue. The good news is that our community league, foreseeing the problem, lobbied the city to ensure that our residents will find parking in front of their homes and the city has agreed!

So, this is how it works. The City will convert our entire neighborhood into resident-only parking for the duration of the festival. The restrictions that applies to this regulation are:

  1. For most residential streets, parking will be restricted to one side of the street only. This will ensure the flow of traffic and will maintain emergency vehicle access.

  2. For residents west of 91st Street and/or north of 95th Avenue, you will need a hang-tag in order to park your vehicle on the street. A physical letter was distributed this week with an individual hang-tag for these residents, however if you did not receive one or need additional tags, our community league will be distributing more in our Community Hall on the following dates:

    • Tuesday Aug 6th, 5-7 pm

    • Wednesday Aug 7th, 5-7 pm

  3. For residents east of 91st Street and south of 95th Avenue, you will not need a hang-tag in order to park your vehicle on the street.

For a visual, please check this Map that the City of Edmonton has created for resident-only parking.

If you have further concerns, please contact the City of Edmonton at with the subject line "Strathearn Residential Parking Program".