Aug 18th: An Evening of Guided Touch with a Partner

Rob Hodgins, a neighbor and Massage Therapist among us, is inviting our community to share an evening of “Guided Touch with a Partner”.

On August 18th at our Community Hall , from 7 pm to 9:15 pm, Rob intends to teach couples participants, in a quiet and safe environment, how to explore the art of touch. This one time session will teach partners, through a series of techniques [starting with the scalp, moving to facial, neck, and onwards to the feet], how to embrace relaxation together.


“Touch is an essential component of our lives, our well-being, and our relationships that often gets overlooked. It improves stress and supports pain management” Rob

Couples or friends that are interested in attending, but have questions before signing up, please contact Rob through his website or at [780] 862-5335, email:

Otherwise, on Aug 18th evening, couples and/or friends attending should wear comfortable clothes [t-shirt and shorts or loose pants], and should bring, by Rob’s suggestion:

  • A lawn chair to stretch out on,

  • a blanket,

  • and a bottle of water.

The investment is $90.00 per couple for the session. Payments can be done by cash at the door or by eTransfer to

Please see the event poster here.