Round up of TransEd Meeting – 9th Feb

A surprise February proposal by TransEd, the consortium building and operating the SouthEast Valley Line LRT, to close 95 ave. between 85 street and 91 street in Strathearn for an 8 month period received heavy criticism from local businesses, residents, and transit riders. TransEd communications group Focus Communications hosted a hastily organized information session on Feb. 9th and conducted an online survey regarding the proposal ending Feb. 18th. According to TransEd they received over 500 survey responses and will release the results in March. As specified in the Public Private Partnership (P3) agreement with the City of Edmonton, TransEd has the full authority to close the road regardless of community sentiment.

TransEd contends the closure would allow them to complete heavy construction in one season rather than the two years of construction presently anticipated. One way north or south vehicular access would be allowed at 87 st.

Residents north of of 95 ave. voiced concerns about access to and from the neighbourhood with particular concern for the already compromised intersection of 85st and Strathearn Dr. Local businesses were in vocal agreement that a full closure would see the end of their livelihood. Business owners have already seen a drop in customer traffic as a result of the ongoing heavy construction. Answers to questions around transit re routing were muddled with different responses from TransEd and the City of Edmonton. However access to the 112 would be considerably reduced.

At time of submission TransEd had, in response to the public outcry, sent a public notice outlining the current 2 year plan, should the full temporary closure go ahead.

Strathearn and it’s surrounding communities wait for a decision with bated breath…