Hula hoop class

Instructor: Dagny Sanche

Hula hoop winter session is now complete. Watch for more classes in the future!

Classes are 1.5 hours and run for a 3 week session. Community league member cost is $50, non-member cost is $60 (credit card), or drop in for $25 per class (cash only).

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Beginner Class:

If you've just started hoopdance or want to start hoopdance, this is a great place to be! Here we will use bigger hoops to help us in learning the foundational moves of hoopdance, such as weaves, lifts, and of course, waist hooping! We will learn ways to transition between these moves and encourage play to allow your own creative style to develop!

Flow Class:

All levels are welcome!  Take both classes!
Here we will focus on finding our flow and gaining our comfort in new movement by challenging our comfort zones, interacting with each other, working through interesting activities, and encouraging play. Don't be afraid! You'll come out of this class feeling you've really become a hoopDANCE.

Like many hoopers, Dagny first found hooping at a festival and was completely fascinated. It wasn’t long before she began to write her own hoop story. Thanks to some amazing teachers, she flourished and began to feel confident sharing her passion. Now she is an experienced performer, sponsored by Ruby Hooping, and is a certified Hoop Love Coach and Hooping Mad Advanced Teacher. She has taught workshops at festivals including The Okanagan Flow Festival, Astral Harvest, and Ruby Retreat, and has taught beginner and intermediate classes and workshops through Infinity Hoopdance in Edmonton. Additionally, she has co-created the performance trio Spiral Squad. Her future hoop plans include continuing to perform and teach, leveling up her hoop skills, working and growing with Spiral Squad, and continuing her education to become a better hoopdance instructor.  She is currently working on her Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of Victoria.